Head Game by Tim Downs

Head GameHead Game by Tim Downs

My rating: 4 stars!

The books starts out with a graphic novel format illustrated by the author, which is different. Although, I didn’t understand the meaning of it at first. Around chapter 3 it explains itself.

When I was a few chapters in ‘Head Game’, I got to where I wanted to finish it, wanted to know what happened, what really is going on. Is the guy (not going to name who as to spoil it) really dead…or was it all a hoax so he could live? Maybe he knew that if he was alive that he would be killed, so he faked his own suicide. What really is going on? All these question and I was only on chapter 7…

But since finishing ‘Head Game’, I realize what was really going on. I enjoyed reading it and though it doesn’t seem to be a CHRISTIAN book (with minimal mentioning of God), it was overall a good read. A few things it said I didn’t like, but if you are looking for a book that has suspense/mystery, this is a nice one to read.

The ending was dramatic and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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