In the Shadow of Evil – Book Three – Robin Caroll

In the Shadow of EvilIn the Shadow of Evil by Robin Caroll

My rating: 5 stars!

‘In The Shadow Of Evil’ is the third book in the Evil Series. I have read the first two books – Deliver Us From Evil, Fear No Evil – and ‘In The Shadow Of Evil may very well be the best one yet. I love romance suspense stories and this book fits nicely in that category.

The book starts out with a woman being murdered years ago and then transforms into the present time. Layla Taylor, a female contractor, is nominated to win an award but then tragedy strikes, one of her projects is destroyed buy an arsonist. To make matters worse a body is found in whats remaining of the house. As the danger grows so does an attraction between Detective Maddox Bishop and Layla Taylor but can he solve the case before something deadly happens to Layla.

‘In The Shadow Of Evil’ was really interesting and easy to read. There is a twist in this book but not with the arsonist….there is much more that I want to say but I think that if I do it will spoil some of the book for you.

I recommend ‘In The Shadow Of Evil’ if you like reading books that have both romance and suspense!


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