The Bishop, A Patrick Bowers Thriller (Book 4) – Steven James

The Bishop (The Patrick Bowers Files, #4)The Bishop by Steven James

My rating: 4 stars!!

‘The Bishop’ was so bizarre and strange. The killers were very creepy and the murder scenes gruesome. This all fit with the books story but it was still a little disturbing. I will say this again, Steven James is great at writing suspense that keeps my attention!

‘The Bishop’ has a crime seen where a woman is put alive in a Chimpanzee’s cage to be eaten alive by Chimpanzee’s – I found that disturbing. There are a lot of other murder scenes in this book but that is the one I remember the most.

The horrific murder scenes in ‘The Bishop’ reminded me of the depravity of man and how we’re ‘dead’ when we are born because of our sinful nature and the only way to be alive is in Christ Jesus.

There are twists and turns in ‘The Bishop’ and so much suspense. Be prepared to stay up late reading ‘The Bishop’


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