Possession – Rene Gutteridge

PossessionPossession by Rene Gutteridge

My rating: 5 stars!!

Imagine you were moving out of state and all of your belongings were held hostage… What would you do?

‘Possession’ starts out with a police officer asking a woman questions, which intrigued me because I was wondering – Who is this woman? What is going on?..

‘Possession continues on with Vance & his wife who are moving to California with their son, to have a fresh start at life, but when their belongings are held hostage that fresh start seems not so fresh.

I absolutely love this book is has an unexpected twist and from the beginning was intriguing. Almost from page one I was captivated with the story and I just wanted to continue reading it.

I’ve enjoyed reading some of Rene Gutteridge other books (the Occupational Hazards Series; The Boo Series; Listen) along with this book. I hope that there will be a sequel in the future because it didn’t seem ‘finished’ in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading this! Recommended!


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