In Harm’s Way – Irene Hannon – Heroes of Quantico Book 3

In Harm's Way (Heroes of Quantico #3)In Harm’s Way by Irene Hannon

My rating: 5 stars!!!

‘In Harm’s Way’ starts with a child who is kidnapped by a woman while her mother, who was practicing the piano in church, went to the bathroom!

Rachel Sutton is a busy woman, she plays the piano, teaches and she’s not crazy…or is she? Rachel shows up at the FBI office, and seems normal…until she tells Special Agent Nick Bradley her story. She found a Raggedy Ann Doll in a parking lot and when she picks the doll up, after digging it out of the frozen snow, she gets this strange sense of terror and hears a baby crying. At first Nick dismisses her but then he stumbles on a link between the doll and the abducted baby. What he discovers is shocking!

“In Harm’s Way’ is by far my favorite book in the ‘Heroes of Quantico’ series. I love how Nick is fixing up a house and that he’s not your typical FBI agent. When I was reading this I was thinking if it’s going to be where she is a psychic, then I won’t like this book, but that was not the case. I’m not going to say what happens because that would give away to much of the story.

I am so looking forward to reading ‘Deadly Pursuit’ and I can hardly wait until August! This has just been such a great series and I don’t want it to end…but end it did. At least there is another series that has some of the same characters. ‘In Harm’s Way’ held my attention and I most definitely recommend this book!


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