A Suitor For Jenny (#2) by Margaret Brownley

A Suitor for Jenny (A Rocky Creek Romance, #2)A Suitor for Jenny by Margaret Brownley

My rating: 5 stars!!

The second book in the Rocky Creek Romance Series, ‘A Suitor For Jenny’, I found just as enjoyable (if not more) than the first book, ‘A Lady Like Sarah’.

Many of the same characters from ‘A Lady Like Sarah’ make appearances in this book, including old man Hank Applegate, Pastor Justin Wells, Kip Barrel the barber, etc. I found some of the new characters funny, especially Mary Lou Higgins and Jeff Trevor.

I also found the plot interesting – three sisters coming to Rocky Creek, Texas to find ‘suitable’ husbands (ones that have adequate funds, pass the ‘potential husband aptitude test’, along with other requirements).

“I don’t need a husband,” Jenny said with as much regret as bitterness. The burdens of her past weighed heavily on her shoulders. At times she resented her sisters, resented the choices she’d made to provide for them after their father died. She loved them both dearly, of course. Still, it was hard not to resent the circumstances that had forced her to relinquish her own dreams of marriage. No decent man would ever want her as a wife, not after what she had done.Page 12

The major themes in ‘A Suitor For Jenny’, from my viewpoint, was guilt, forgiveness and God’s grace. Jenny Higgins and U.S. Marshall, Rhett Armstrong both struggled with guilt.

“There’s a big difference between guilt and godly sorrow,” she said. “Godly sorrow helps us to grow. Guilt is more likely to destroy us. There’s only one cure that I know of, and that’s God’s grace.”Page 103

I don’t feel it is necessary to read ‘A Lady Like Sarah’ first; however, I do think it adds something extra to ‘A Suitor For Jenny’ – mainly the background story to the people of Rocky Creek, Texas. I realize now that most of the duplicated words in ‘A Lady Like Sarah’ were part of the story. Mrs. Hitchcock often repeats herself.

Overall, I loved ‘A Suitor For Jenny’ and that’s why I’m giving it such a high rating.


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