Treasuring Emma, Middlefield Family Series #1 by Kathleen Fuller

My rating: 4 stars!!!

Sorrow and grief follows Emma everywhere. First her father dies, then the man she loves leaves with no plan on returning, and finally her mother just recently dies after battling cancer.

Now all the family Emma has left is her sister, Clara (who she doesn’t get along with), and her ailing grandmother.

Adam Otto couldn’t leave Middleton and all his father’s rules behind fast enough. But now, two years and many compromises later, he’s not so sure that was the right decision.

Adam didn’t think he would ever return to Middleton, but a letter from Emma’s grandmother, telling him that his mother is acting very strange, brings him back.

‘Treasuring Emma’ has many emotions: grief, romance, sorrow, love, guilt, forgiveness, and deception. When I first started reading this and saw the glossary page, I was like ‘oh no!’  I find that when books have glossary pages, you end up having to go back to that page to see what words mean – which is somewhat annoying.

The characters in ‘Treasuring Emma’ were gripping and real. I found Mark King evil and mean. How he could purposely try to hurt Emma and Clara (Emma’s sister) was just heartless and cruel.

Adam Otto, however, was sweet and very likable. Yes he’d made bad choices, but he learned and had tried to not repeat them.

Emma’s story was sad, but it had a few highlights. Throughout the book I was hoping that Emma would forgive Adam and that somehow they would end up together.

So many characters and they were so enjoyable to read about. I don’t want to part with them. I will definitely read other books by Kathleen Fuller.

The only complaint I have is the Amish language. It was annoying and difficult to read sometimes, but the story, plot, and characters were great! I recommend this if you enjoy romance with a hint of mystery.

*I received a complimentary ebook copy from Thomas Nelson for my honest review*


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