Book Review: Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Reluctant Burglar (To Catch a Thief #1)Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

My rating: 4 Stars

I had been wanting to read ‘Reluctant Burglar’ for awhile, but never got around to reading it until just recently because I finally had the time.

I found the plot very interesting – Desi’s father is accused of stealing expensive art, but Desi didn’t believe it until her father is murdered and she finds the stolen art. She then decides to return the stolen art to the rightful owners – by secretly swapping it with the frauds that had gone unnoticed.

Combine that with a handsome FBI agent and a hint of romance between Desi and him, and ‘Reluctant Burglar’ looked to be a promising read.

I enjoyed the book, but I think it started out a bit slow and took awhile to get to the main plot. When I was midway through, ‘Reluctant Burglar’ became very good.

I loved the characters and I kept trying to guess who ‘The Chief’ was, but I ended up being wrong. 😦 There were many twists, a lot of drama, little hints of romance, and suspense which kept me intrigued.

Jill Elizabeth Nelson wrote a great novel that I think would keep most mystery lovers happy! I thought I had the culprits figured out; but by the final revelation, I realized I only had one culprit slightly right.

Overall, I recommend ‘Reluctant Burglar’ if you enjoy mysteries.

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