Book Review: Mercy Come Morning by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Mercy Come Morning: A NovelMercy Come Morning: A Novel by Lisa Tawn Bergren

My rating: 3.5 Stars
3 1/2 stars

Krista Mueller and her mother, Charlotte, aren’t close. Charlotte has had Alzheimer’s for more than a decade and is now dying of heart failure.

Krista, upon Dane McConnells (Krista’s first love and the director of the nursing home) insistence, drives the 5 hour drive to Taos, New Mexico to sit and hopefully mend the relationship she has with her mother.

This is the third book I’ve read by Lisa Bergen, but it’s the first book that wasn’t YA.

I thought ‘Mercy Come Morning’ started off a bit slow and didn’t really grab my attention until I was about half-way through. I didn’t at first connect with the characters but, as I continued to read, I found that I liked them more and more.

I found Krista’s story really sad – she longed for her father who was never there, she felt like her mother never loved her, and something terrible happened to her when she was seventeen.

I loved the story of grace and forgiveness, but I didn’t like the Spanish words and phrases (even though it fit the story) because at times I found it difficult to interpret and follow along (I only know a little Spanish).

All in all, I liked ‘Mercy Come Morning’ and I think it had a good message.

3.5 stars

*I received ‘Mercy Come Morning’ from the publisher through their Blogging for Books program. The opinions I’ve expressed are my own.*

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  1. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE your 'River of Times Series'!

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