Book Review: Reluctant Runaway (#2) by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Reluctant Runaway (To Catch a Thief #2)Reluctant Runaway by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

My rating: 4 Stars
4 stars

Stolen Indian artifacts…A murdered museum guard…A missing woman…A baby in danger…Only Desiree can unearth the horrifying secret that links them all.

‘Reluctant Runaway’ – the second book in the ‘To Catch a Thief’ series by Jill Elizabeth Nelson – continues Desi and Tony’s relationship.

They both have strong feelings for each other – maybe love? – but Desi feels Tony is shutting her out and not sharing stuff from his life with her. Tony doesn’t know if he can handle being with Desi when she continues taking risks and getting in danger.

Karen (Desi’s best friend’s niece) was either kidnapped or has runaway – abandoning her husband and baby. She is one of the lead suspects in a museum robbery that was secured by HJ Securities – which makes Desi somewhat involved in the case.

She had to be wrong about the reason those artifacts were stolen, because being right was an alternative too awful to imagine.” – Page 173

I really liked ‘Reluctant Runaway’ – more so than ‘Reluctant Burglar’. There is more drama and (clean) romance, plus I loved the plot/mystery.

With a TV ministry that’s more like a cult, talk of cannibalism, kidnapping, drugging, and evil spirits – ‘Reluctant Runaway’ leaves the reader with much to ponder.

I really liked a theme in this book that Jill mentioned in her letter to the reader at the end of the book. She talks about how Christianity is unique from other religions because Christians believe that God Himself became a man – Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human.

Overall, I really liked ‘Reluctant Runaway’ and I recommend it if you like reading books that have suspense with romance and a good message.




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3 responses to “Book Review: Reluctant Runaway (#2) by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

  1. Wow this sounds really interesting. Great review! I rated it 5 stars 🙂

    oh and thanks so much for adding my giveaway to your sidebar, I really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Melanie! I read through about five of your reviews and rated them 5's. Hope that helps. I'm also following. Nice to find a fellow Christian blogger.

  3. @Crystal

    Thank you!

    @Sharon Henning

    Thank you so much! I'm now following your blog as well!

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