Book Review: Reluctant Smuggler (#3) by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Reluctant Smuggler (To Catch a Thief #3)Reluctant Smuggler by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

My rating: 4.5 Stars
4 1/2 stars


‘Reluctant Smuggler’ is the third book in Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s ‘To Catch a Thief’ series and my favorite of the three.

Desiree Jacobs is trying to plan her wedding, run her business ‘HJ Securities’, and avoid dangerous situations. But her plan isn’t working – it seems as though danger follows Desi everywhere.

While she’s in Mexico, she was robbed three times in the same day, was held at gun point, and many other similar incidents.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Tony Lucano was stuck in Boston…literally. A blizzard made airports close, phone lines go down, and cell phone service unavailable. And when Tony goes on a mission during the storm, he ends up in a coma fighting for his life.

“Don’t even try to tell me you’re a victim. The reluctant smuggler. Hah!” Page 301

‘Reluctant Smuggler’ is my favorite in the series (so far). I don’t know whether there will be another addition, but if there is, I will definitely want to read it.

As usual, I loved Desi’s, Tony’s, and Max’s characters, but I also enjoyed Mama Gina and even Stevo’s character.

I loved this story – it had so many twists and kept me guessing. There were many times I was “on the edge of my seat” waiting for what was going to happen next.

I won’t mention one other thing that I really liked about this novel because I feel it would spoil parts of the book for you –  should you decide to read it.

I recommend ‘Reluctant Smuggler’ if you enjoy a good, clean suspense/mystery book (with romance)!

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