Book Review: Torrent (River of Time #3) by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Torrent (River of Time, #3)Torrent by Lisa Tawn Bergren

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Gabi and Lia Betarrini have learned to control their time travel, and they return from medieval Italy to save their father from his tragic death in modern times.   But love calls across the centuries, and the girls are determined to return forever—even though they know the Black Plague is advancing across Europe, claiming the lives of one-third of the population. In the suspenseful conclusion of the River of Time series, every decision is about life … and death.
My Review:
‘Torrent’ the third (and final) book in ‘The River of Time’ series and the fourth book that I’ve read by Lisa T. Bergren.

‘Torrent’ picks up right where ‘Cascade’ left off. After traveling through time to save their dad – Gabi, Lia, Adri (their mom), and Ben (their dad), travel back in time to 14th Century Italy.

Even though there is the threat of the ‘Black Plague’ arriving, getting killed, and/or tortured, Gabi and Lia still want to return and remain in Medieval Italy for as long as possible.

They will have to deal with wars (again), imprisonment (again), kidnapping, and forced marriage.

I loved this book! The story was so addicting and I finished ‘Torrent’ in under 2 days! There was alot of action, romance, and a ton of suspense! I liked many of the characters including: Gabi, Lia, Marcello, Luca, Ben, and Adri – to name some of them.

As I said ‘Torrent’ is very addicting and I don’t think there was a “good” place to stop reading because I wanted to continue on and see where the story was going to continue. If you decide to read ‘Torrent’ be prepared to stay up late reading☺!

I REALLY hope that Lisa Bergren will write more books in the future with these characters (I don’t want to say goodbye to them yet…) and if she does, I definitely plan on reading them!

I highly recommend the entire ‘River of Time’ series (‘Waterfall‘, ‘Cascade‘, and ‘Torrent’).

Many thanks to David C. Cook for providing me a complimentary copy for my review and Lisa T. Bergren for sending me a Galley Copy.
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3 responses to “Book Review: Torrent (River of Time #3) by Lisa Tawn Bergren

  1. Eve

    I can't wait to read this!!! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review! I had the WORST time trying to write the end to TORRENT–it was only when I said to myself, “Lisa, you can come back to these characters if you want to,” that I could bear to do it. Hope to write about Lia and Luca and Lord Greco next! (After I finish an adult series called The Grand Tour.)

  3. @Eve

    I think you'll LOVE 'Torrent'!

    @Lisa Tawn Bergren

    I hope you write more about them too! 🙂

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