Refuge on Crescent Hill: A Novel by Melanie Dobson

Refuge on Crescent Hill: A Novel


My rating: 4 stars

Camden inherits the Bristow Mansion when her grandmother dies, but the house needs so many repairs and Camden is almost out of money so she doesn’t know if she can keep the house that’s been in the Bristow family for generations.

Soon though, she learns that someone is sneaking around her house – and stealing her purse! What is this person up to and what does he/she want with the house?…

I find houses that have hidden rooms or secret passageways interesting – and since ‘Refuge on Crescent Hill’ features a house that was a part of the Underground Railroad and has a secret tunnel, it’s hardly a surprise that I really enjoyed it!

To me, ‘Refuge on Crescent Hill’ was a cozy mystery (I don’t think I found anything scary, but there was a lot of mystery). It had an interesting plot and the characters themselves were intriguing.

After reading ‘Refuge on Crescent Hill’, I now look forward to reading more Melanie Dobson novels (maybe ‘The Black Cloister’?)

I recommend ‘Refuge on Crescent Hill’ if you enjoy reading mystery novels with a little romance.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion.*


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