Beyond All Measure (A Hickory Ridge Romance) by Dorothy Love

Beyond All Measure by Dorothy Love

My rating: 4 stars
Ada Wentworth leaves Boston for Hickory Ridge, Tennessee to be a Lady’s companion. She plans to stay just long enough to establish her own hat business, but things don’t always go as planned…

The cover for ‘Beyond All Measure’ is gorgeous (especially in person), and the story itself is so good!

This is the first book that I’ve read by Dorothy Love, but I enjoyed ‘Beyond All Measure’ so much that I can hardly wait to read her next Hickory Ridge Romance!

‘Beyond All Measure’ takes place during a time when the Civil War is over, but there is still a lot of strife between the North and South. I felt this added a nice element to the novel.

I also found the romance story wonderful. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen until it did (I admit I skipped ahead, but then went back to read what I’d skipped… ).

There was so much I enjoyed in ‘Beyond All Measure’ – too much to mention! I highly recommend ‘Beyond All Measure’!

*I received a complimentary copy for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion!*


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