Pirate of My Heart by Jamie Carie

Pirate of My Heart: A NovelPirate of My Heart: A Novel by Jamie Carie

About the book (from Goodreads):

When her doting father dies, Lady Kendra Townsend is given a choice: marry the horrid man of her cold, money-grubbing uncle’s choosing or leave England to risk a new life in America with unknown relatives. Armed with the faith that God has a plan for her, Kendra boards a cargo ship and meets American sea captain Dorian Colburn.

But the captain has been wounded by a woman before and guards his independent life. A swashbuckling man doesn’t need an English heiress to make him slow down, feel again, or be challenged with questions about his faith-or so he thinks. It is not until Dorian must save Kendra from the dark forces surrounding her that he decides she may be worth the risk.

My rating: 4.5 stars

My thoughts:

Pirate of My Heart was such an adventurous and enjoyable read! With pirates, murder, kidnapping, and more, Pirate of My Heart was easy to read and hard to put down.

This is the first book I’ve read by Jamie Carie and I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed it! The entire book held my attention and once I started Pirate of My Heart, I read it almost non-stop.

The story had a lot of twists (some that I expected) and I think anyone who enjoys mysteries or suspense novels will enjoy Pirate of my Heart.

The only reason I’m not giving Pirate of My Heart 5 stars is because I feel it ended too soon (unless there is going to be a sequel) and should have at least had an epilogue.

I definitely recommend Pirate of My Heart – it was great and completely worth reading!

*I received a complimentary ARC copy from the publisher for my review as a part of FIRST Wild Card Tours. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion – which I’ve done.*


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