The Christmas Rescue by Laura Scott

“Don’t look!”
 When Kayla Wilson finds a body in Lake Michigan, she shields her daughter’s eyes and calls the police. But not before spotting a stranger lurking in the woods—watching her. And when her bed-and-breakfast is broken into, she knows the man is after her. Coast Guard officer Rafe DeSilva is sure the attacks are related to his current case— a crime ring operating in the Great Lakes. He will do whatever is necessary to keep Kayla and her daughter, Brianna, safe…while holding them at arm’s length. Until Brianna is kidnapped, and Rafe puts everything on the line for a Christmas rescue.

My rating:


My thoughts:

The Christmas Rescue is a sweet, suspenseful read. There’s romance, murder, robberies, kidnapping, and a lot of action. I thought the romance between Kayla and Rafe was very well written. I liked how both of them didn’t want to be in a relationship at first, but as time went on, they started to feel differently.
Towards the end, though, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I always wish for a happy ending (as I’m sure most people do), but in The Christmas Rescue, I wasn’t 100% sure that was going to happen.

The Christmas Rescue kept me entertained throughout and was a great read. I definitely recommend this book if you enjoy a good, clean, romance/suspense novel. I now want to read Laura Scott’s other book Secret Agent Father that features some of these characters.

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